Vivosun vs Ipower Carbon Filter: What Is The Best Carbon Filter For Cannabis Grow Room?

Cannabis is one of the plants that requires grower to learn carefully from top 10 seed banks to be able to help it grow in the best way. There are many cannabis strain only grow well outdoors and vice versa, some cannabis strain only grow thrive indoors.
And for cannabis strain grown indoors, the grower must provide the space as well as the equipment needed for maximum growth. Among them, growers really should invest in cannabis grow room a carbon filter.
The carbon filter is a device that will help grow the cannabis grow room free of odors and keep the air in the room clean and fresh. It is an effective tool to reduce carbon emissions, thereby helping cannabis to be developed in the most ideal environment.
Vivosun and Ipower are the two most famous and popular carbon filter manufacturers today. In this article, we will compare them a bit to find out Vivosun vs Ipower, which is the best carbon filter.

#1 Ipower Carbon Filter

Ipower carbon filter is made from high quality aluminum, ensuring that the device can last for a long time. It can effectively remove odors, mold and other contaminants. This provides a clean environment for growing cannabis.
It uses activated carbon RC 412 to eliminate odors in the cannabis grow room. A built-in flange is manufactured to maximize the ability to collaborate with any laminar airflow fans.
This product also has an open-air mesh with an open area of ​​up to 53% that allows for better air filtration and maximizes its filtration efficiency. In particular, this product also has reversible base and flange, which allows you to reverse the filter for a longer use.
It comes with a price of $ 109.89 and is widely available on the market. You can also easily buy it on Amazon.
However, you may have trouble installing this device.

#2 Vivosun Carbon Filter

Vivosun carbon filter is made from extremely strong galvanized steel, allowing growers to use it for a long time. This device can effectively handle odors, molds in the cannabis grow room. In particular, it can handle 500 CFM, an impressive number compared to Ipower carbon filter.
This device uses carbon charcoal to filter the air and contaminants in the cannabis grow room. And to properly filter the air, Vivosun designed an additional pre-filter on the outside.
As we mentioned above, this device can handle 500 CFM, however if you want to find a device for a larger room then you can choose the 6 ”or 8”.
This device from Vivosun also comes with reversible base and flange just like the product from Ipower. So you can use it for a considerable amount of time.
This product is not as difficult to install as Ipower and is also cheaper – only $ 50.98. However, it performs a bit worse than Ipower’s carbon filter.

Final Verdict

According to our assessment, the carbon filter from Ipower is more expensive, but it is a very good carbon filter.

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