Strain Review: Theraplant Orabellose (Ortega × Super Skunk Deep Chunk)

THC: 17%
With Theraplant consistently dropping new strains and the price of their flower, was super excited to pick up some of the Orabellose and try it out! Right off the rip, the smell was very pungent. I actually got a quarter, as opposed to my usual eighth of an ounce, and don’t regret it! Lots of deep purple leaves and fiery orange hairs cover this succulent little nugget, making it quite the looker. As I grabbed the Olloclip to take some close up pictures, I noticed that it was, in fact, covered head to toe in trichomes (triche city, b*tch!). Orabellose is surprisingly dense, and is best paired with a grinder for optimal rolling. It was actually a little bit on the dry side, so it crumbles between your fingers if you try to take that route.
THC: 0.2%
THCA: 17.0%
CBD: <0.1% CBDA: <0.1% CBG: 0.1% CBGA: 0.3% CBN: <0.1% CBC: <0.1% THCV: <0.1% CBDV: <0.01% The hardest part about any weed review is taking all of the pictures before you medicate! With that being said, I've done all I needed to do, and it's time to blaze! I decided to roll organic hemp RAW papers for this bad boy to preserve as many of the terps as I could. This smokes surprisingly well! It isn't a super expansive or dense smoke, which is great. It has all of the skunky undertones as to be expected with the Super Skunk Deep Chunk lineage, and a bit of a acidic gas aura, likely from the Ortega lineage. I did notice that the terpene profile was nothing extraordinary, but for the price of $55/quarter (or $220/ounce) it can't be beat! TERPENE PROFILE A-PINENE: 0.007% B-PINENE: 0.016% LIMONENE: 0.057% B-MYRCENE: 0.400% OCIMENE: 0.071% LINALOOL: 0.001% B-CARYOPHYLLENE: 0.510% HUMULENE: 0.197% Now it's time for my favorite part of any weed review! The medicinal evaluation! I'm all about the super heavy indica strains, and the Orabellose isn't too far off! It's on the lower end of the THC spectrum at roughly 17%, but don't worry about that number if you go with this! It has everything you need in an indica: super sedative, calming and relaxing, and a ominous pain/stress relief in the mind and body. This is a great, more affordable strain for those looking to medicate with an indica, but avoid some high prices of strains that can reach up to $420/ounce for super high THC indicas- look no further, Orabellose is the answer for all of your wants and desires!

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