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Empire 100 Sexiest Movie Stars

Congratulations to James for being placed at #27 in Empire’s annual 100 Sexiest Movie Stars list!

What is it about this diminutive Scot? Even as a bloody Narnian fawn, he managed to exude charisma, magnestism and, dare we say it, a big dollop of sex appeal. So when he used that twinkly eye to devastating effect in the heartbreaking Atonement, that was it.

Sexiest Moment
Rough but oh-so tender sex in the library with Keira Knightley. “Atonement” raises the bar on movie eroticism.

Did You Know…?
Before he went into acting, McAvoy wanted to join the Navy.


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“The Conspirator” Among Toronto Fest Debuts

Robert Redford’s Lincoln assassination tale “The Conspirator” will premiere at September’s Toronto International Film Festival.

A showcase for potential Academy Awards contenders, the Toronto festival announced many of the titles Tuesday that will have their world premieres at the event Sept. 9-19.

Director Redford’s “The Conspirator” stars James McAvoy, Robin Wright Penn, Kevin Kline and Evan Rachel Wood in a tale of a union war hero defending a woman accused of aiding her son in Lincoln’s assassination.


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“The Last King of Scotland” DVD Extras

I have just added all the DVD extras from “The Last King of Scotland”, including deleted scenes, a theatrical trailer, and a few interesting featurettes. Caps from the film will be up soon – enjoy!

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Film Productions > The Last King of Scotland (2006) > Deleted Scenes
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Film Productions > The Last King of Scotland (2006) > Forest Whitaker – “Idi Amin”
Film Productions > The Last King of Scotland (2006) > Casting Session
Film Productions > The Last King of Scotland (2006) > Theatrical Trailer

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Is James McAvoy Headed to “Cloud Atlas”?

In a story from Production Weekly, Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, James McAvoy, Ian McKellen and Natalie Portman have all been offered roles in “Cloud Atlas”.

The film is being directed by Tom Tykwer (“The International”). He is presently writing the screenplay. It is based on the book by David Mitchell. The plan is for the film to go into production next spring.

“Cloud Atlas” intertwines history, science, suspense, humor and pathos through six separate but loosely related narratives. Each of theses narratives takes place in a different time and place, each is written in a very different prose style, and each is broken off mid-action and brought to conclusion in the second half of the book.

There isn’t any word yet on which actor will tackle what role but as usual, when we know we will be sure to post that information.


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James McAvoy Is Professor X In ‘X-Men: First Class’

Since Fox hopes to get “X-Men: First Class” up and registered by this summer with Matthew Vaughn at the head of the class, you can expect a lot of furious casting between now and August. The first big pick is out now, as according to THR’s Heat Vision, James McAvoy will be Professor Charles Xavier.

McAvoy is a good pick to replace Patrick Stewart, but he’s awfully young to be teaching anyone. But remember, this isn’t really about the first class of X-Men the way we thought it would be. “X-Men: First Class” would be an origin story for Professor X and Magneto. In this film, young Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr will discover their powers, hone them, and take on their cool aliases. They will then join with fellow mutants “some familiar, some new” to stop a global threat. Their friendship fractures, and creates the rift between Magneto’s antagonistic Brotherhood of Mutants and Professor X’s peaceful X-Men.

It’s unclear who these mutants will be. (Beyond a Wolverine cameo, of course.) Are they actually going to be young Jean Gray, Cyclops, and Storm? If so, it’s nice to see Fox sticking to their resolve of continuing to throw their X-Men continuity out the window. You can’t exactly have a movie featuring young Jean Grey or Cyclops, if the Professor X and Magneto we saw interacting with them (in “X-Men: The Last Stand” and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, respectively) were the older and wiser figures of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. Perhaps they’re going to haul out those amnesia bullets again to explain the discrepancies.


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“Band of Brothers” Screen Captures

A big thank you to Amanda for sending us captures of James’ appearance in 2001 TV series “Band of Brothers”. He is only in the one episode, but it is a great vintage edition to the gallery. I am also in the process of uploading over 1,000 HQ event photos to the gallery, so keep checking back as I’m adding them whenever I can.

I have also set up a Twitter account so you can get the latest news and updates as soon as they happen – follow us @jamesmcavoyorg.

Gallery Links
Television Productions > Band of Brothers (2001) > 1.04 | Replacements

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“The Last Station” Stills

After a very long absence, James McAvoy Fan is back and determined to bring you everything you want and need related to this fantastically talented Scottish actor. For now, I have been working behind the scenes on site content, and have been scouring the web for HQ photos. To start, I’m currently adding lots of production stills to the site, including “The Last Station”, which is due out on DVD on June 21.

Gallery Links
Film Productions > The Last Station (2009) > Stills

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Courtney Has No Love for Pattinson as Cobain

For the record, Courtney Love has nothing against Robert Pattinson as a hottie person. She just thinks he doesn’t have the chops to play her late husband, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

All apologies to the 36 percent of you who wanted to see that happen.

“I might dissPEAR AND HEY I LIKE R PATZ HES JUST NOT RIGHT FOR KC!” the Hole singer said on Twitter.

However, she does have a few suggestions for the casting directors of the rumored biopic…

Courtney told the Canadian Press she could see Ryan Gosling or James McAvoy taking the part. She also said she hopes to be able to approve the casting and have Sting’s wife, Trudie Styler, act as her “proxy” to make sure the film suits her liking.


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McAvoy To Take A Break From Films

James McAvoy is turning his back on Hollywood blockbusters – because wants to focus on forging a stage career in his native Britain.

The “Atonement” actor pulled out of a starring role in upcoming comedy/drama “I’m With Cancer” shortly after an announcement that his wife Anne Marie Duff is expecting their first child in June.

McAvoy is said to have been offered $1.5 million (£1 million) for the role – but he has no regrets about turning the part down, because he doesn’t want to spend all his time in Hollywood.

He says, “I don’t like planning too far ahead. My life was getting planned for me, so I said, ‘Stop.’ I’m going to do a play, no films for a while.

“I don’t want to be in America all the time. If you go down that blockbuster, starry route too much, there’s no way back to being a normal actor.”


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New Layout!

Thanks to the lovely Amanda, we have a brand new layout here at James McAvoy Fan! I know most of the content is not available yet, but at last I am feeling a lot more motivated to work on this site 🙂

I stil have “Wanted” and “Starter For 10” to cap, so expect those updates asap! What do you think of the new look?