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Welcome back!

Written by Luciana on November 18 2017

Hello! After a full year without updates (unbelievable, right?) we’re back! My name is Luciana and I’ll be mantaining this site from now on. I’ve been a fan of James for a long time, and a visitor of this website as well. I want to thanks the former owners Laura and Celyn, as well Emily for let me run the site now.

There’s a lot to catch up, I’ve been working behind the scenes due moving the site to a new server. But updates starts tonight!

I’ve also added a new layout (since the previous one was up for a long time!), its mobile friendly. Let me know if you see any errors.

James McAvoy Fan: Version 5

Written by Celyn on June 23 2012

I got tired of the previous look far too quickly, and so welcome to Version 5 of James McAvoy Fan! I am in the process of coding up a new layout for the gallery as well, and then I aim to get lots of the content up to date ahead of James’ many upcoming projects! If you spot any errors, please let me know!

James McAvoy Fan: Version 4

Written by Celyn on December 29 2011

Welcome to the new and improved James McAvoy Fan! I felt that I have been neglecting this site lately, and so in order to motivate myself, I have create this new layout for the site, featuring one of my favourite photoshoots.

I am in the process of updating and adding new content to the site, as well as adding new bits to the gallery. So far I have added new images from X-Men: First Class, The Last King of Scotland and Arthur Christmas, pictures from the Gnomeo and Juliet press conference (Jan 21) and three new photoshoots. I have also made a Facebook page for the site, so please Like us if you are a fan! Phew!

“The Conspirator” Blu-Ray Screen Captures

Written by Celyn on August 13 2011

I have just added 982 Blu-Ray quality screen captures of James as Fred Aiken from his 2010 period drama The Conspirator to the gallery. I have also added a new photoshoot, and managed to get the Video Archive up and running again, and re-uploaded all the old videos as well as a few new ones. More updates on the way!

Gallery Links
Film Productions > The Conspirator (2010) > Screen Captures (Blu-Ray)

New Layout & National Movie Awards

Written by Celyn on May 12 2011

I felt we needed something shiny and new here at James McAvoy Fan to co-inside with all the new X-Men: First Class stuff that is going to be gracing our screens very very shortly! I absolutely love this shoot, and I really like how this layout turned out – I hope you do too!

I have also added some pictures of James from the National Movie Awards, which took place last night. He was there to award Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I with the award for Best Fantasy.

Gallery Links
Public Appearances > 2011 > May 11 | National Movie Awards

Filmography Pages Updated

Written by Celyn on September 19 2010

I have slowly but surely started adding some content to the site! This evening I have been working on the filmography section of the site, and so far have six of James’ films up – “Atonement”, “Becoming Jane”, “Penelope”, “The Chronicles of Narnia”, “Wimbledon” and “Bright Young Things”.

Screen captures from “The Last King of Scotland”, “Starter for 10” and “Wanted” are also on their way, as well as plenty more media, and hopefully a video archive asap, so stay tuned.

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