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“X-Men: First Class” sequel to shoot in January

According to Heat Vision, sequel to the X-Men: First Class is schedule to shoot in January. As a result, there will be no conflict over Jennifer Lawrence with Lionsgate over the filming of The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire.

The filming was initially planned to start this fall. However, with the new dates, Jennifer Lawrence will be easily available for the shoot. Catching Fire is set for 2013 fall release.

Lawrence will reprise her role of Mystique. James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Rose Byrne and January Jones are also featuring in the sequel.

Simon Kinberg, who co-wrote X-Men: The Last Stand and co-produced the X-Men: First Class, will write this sequel. Mathew Vaughn and Bryan Singer are also confirmed to direct and produce it.

X-Men: First Class had a budget of almost $150 million and it grossed $353,624,124 at the Box Office.

It also received Certified Fresh Ratings at the review aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes. It reported 87 per cent positive reviews, with an average rating of 7.4 out of 10. The site’s general consensus states, “With a strong script, stylish direction, and powerful performances from its well-rounded cast, X-Men: First Class is a welcome return to form for the franchise.”

IMDB gave it a score of 7.9 out of 10 based on its 171,178 user while another review aggregator site, Meta Critic, reported a score of 65 out of 100 based on 38 reviews. top critic, Eric Snider, gave it a rating of A- and stated, “It uses the themes of the previous movies to build an intelligent, fast-paced, and highly entertaining prequel.”

Sean Axmaker of also praised the movie by commenting, “

While it never reaches the intelligence or character richness of the first two X-Men films, it’s still the superior superhero spectacle of 2011 to date.”

Overall, the sequel would be a must watch for all genre.


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“X-Men: First Class” First Stills

At last, the first stills and teaser poster for X-Men: First Class have been released! First Class tackles the origin story of Bryan Singer’s X-Men film world, warping back to the 1960s to show how the rivalry between Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lensherr (Michael Fassbender) first sparked up.

There’s pressure on the cast, too, with McAvoy talking up the challenge of slipping into Patrick Stewart’s shoes as Xavier. “This isn’t a reboot, so I’m not replacing anyone, in which case you might want to try to be as different as possible and stay away from what had been done before,” McAvoy says. “This is a prequel, so I’m the same character, just younger, but the challenge for me – and for Michael — is to show the same person in a different place in their life; to show someone before they’re this bad guy, before they’re this saint. Charles wasn’t always a monk, this selfless, sexless monk that he becomes.”

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James McAvoy Sees ‘A Lot Of Love’ Between Xavier And Magneto

James McAvoy has already revealed that he won’t attempt to imitate Patrick Stewart when he steps into the role of Professor Charles Xavier for “X-Men: First Class.” Indeed, he wants to bury Stewart’s performance entirely. But McAvoy’s approach begs an important question: how will his Xavier interact with Michael Fassbender’s Magneto?

“I think there’s a lot of room there for a real connection,” McAvoy told us of his hopes for the relationship between the two “First Class” protagonists. “By the end of that relationship, there’s still a kind of affection for each other. You see that in the stuff that Patrick and [Sir Ian McKellen] did together. There’s a lot of love there, strangely, I think.”

In calling out Stewart and McKellen by name, McAvoy is clearly aware that the relationship established by those two actors in the initial “X-Men” trilogy is crucial to the success of “First Class” as its own franchise. Indeed, McAvoy has said that he hopes his version of Xavier will ultimately reconcile with Stewart’s — just not immediately.

“I think the fun about these films, when you go back and you either reboot or do a prequel, is you get to see how people became who they are,” the actor explained. “That means that you have to do them differently and by the end of the movie you have to do them the same way. The interesting journey is what happens to them, what changes them, what makes them evolve — not just mutate, but emotionally and psychologically evolve.”


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Bryan Singer Reveals Major “X-Men: First Class” Details

Ever since Bryan Singer gave his first major interview about Fox’s prequel to its “X-Men” movie franchise, “X-Men: First Class”, fans have been clamoring for more information about the project. Singer was initially going to direct “First Class”, but he had to back out due to other commitments, which opened the door for Matthew Vaughn (“Kick-Ass”) to take the helm. Still involved as a co-producer, Singer subsequently revealed that the plot would revolve around the early relationship between Prof. Charles Xavier, aka Prof. X (to be played by James McAvoy), and Erik Lehnsherr, aka Magneto (Michael Fassbender), but that still left many questions. Now, Singer has provided several major details about First Class, including the time period the movie will be set in, if the young mutants will wear costumes, and what villain Kevin Bacon will be portraying.

According to AICN, Singer revealed during a recent phone conversation that First Class will not follow the comic book origin of the X-Men, but it will be set during the time period when the comic book was originally published.

The film takes place in the 1960’s…. There is a spirit of a hopeful future that was prevalent in that time. We will see how Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr met—and how they dreamt of a future with Mutant & Human kind. They’re going to be in their late twenties. Xavier—as played by James McAvoy will not be in his wheelchair to begin the film — but we will see how he wound up in a wheelchair…. We’ll see McAvoy and Fassbender’s Magneto formulate what it is they are attempting by creating the X-Men.

Singer also revealed that, unlike the “Matrix”-inspired black leather costumes the X-Men wore in the original movie trilogy, the costumes in “First Class” will be “far more comic bookish” in design, with some costumes revealed “in about a month, if not sooner.” Singer also said that the technology used by the X-Men will be “inspired by James Bond’s tech of the time.”

What is sure to be disappointing to many fans of the comic books and of the original movie trilogy is the fact that Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, and Jean Grey, aka Marvel Girl, two of the original five founding members of the X-Men, will not be appearing in the movie. However, Singer revealed for the first time that Kevin Bacon will be playing Sebastian Shaw, the Black King of the secret society known as the Hellfire Club.

Although screenwriter Jane Goldman recently said that principal photography on “First Class” was “about three weeks” away, which would have put the start date in the first week of September, Singer apparently told AICN that the start date would be August 31st. The initial setting will be Oxford University, but the production will shoot in both England and the United States, with other locales represented, including Russia, for a more “international flavor” in keeping with the “James Bond vibe” that Vaughn is going for.

Next Showing: “X-Men: First Class” opens June 3, 2011


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James McAvoy Is Professor X In ‘X-Men: First Class’

Since Fox hopes to get “X-Men: First Class” up and registered by this summer with Matthew Vaughn at the head of the class, you can expect a lot of furious casting between now and August. The first big pick is out now, as according to THR’s Heat Vision, James McAvoy will be Professor Charles Xavier.

McAvoy is a good pick to replace Patrick Stewart, but he’s awfully young to be teaching anyone. But remember, this isn’t really about the first class of X-Men the way we thought it would be. “X-Men: First Class” would be an origin story for Professor X and Magneto. In this film, young Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr will discover their powers, hone them, and take on their cool aliases. They will then join with fellow mutants “some familiar, some new” to stop a global threat. Their friendship fractures, and creates the rift between Magneto’s antagonistic Brotherhood of Mutants and Professor X’s peaceful X-Men.

It’s unclear who these mutants will be. (Beyond a Wolverine cameo, of course.) Are they actually going to be young Jean Gray, Cyclops, and Storm? If so, it’s nice to see Fox sticking to their resolve of continuing to throw their X-Men continuity out the window. You can’t exactly have a movie featuring young Jean Grey or Cyclops, if the Professor X and Magneto we saw interacting with them (in “X-Men: The Last Stand” and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, respectively) were the older and wiser figures of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. Perhaps they’re going to haul out those amnesia bullets again to explain the discrepancies.