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James McAvoy as Carl Colt
Directed by: Richard Loncraine
Written By: Adam Brooks, Jennifer Flackett & Mark Levin
Release: 24 September 2004 (UK)
Genre: Comedy | Romance | Sport
Co-Stars: Kirsten Dunst, Paul Bettany

Peter Colt is a 31-year-old Englishman who was once ranked 11th in the world, but has now dropped to a pathetic 119th. Realising that his days are numbered, Peter intends to retire from the game after playing in one final Wimbledon. But when he accidentally walks into the hotel room of rising American star Lizzie Bradbury, sparks begin to fly and Peter begins to find his touch on the court once again. Unfortunately for Peter, Lizzie’s overbearing father, Dennis, is well aware that Lizzie’s game suffers when she is distracted by love, and he bans the two from seeing each other. This doesn’t bode well for Peter, who is about to play in the final against cocky American superstar Jake Hammond. Not to mention the fact that Peter has the hopes of an entire nation riding on his shoulders.


Scenes for the film were filmed during the Wimbledon tournament 2003. The actors would walk out on court at the beginning or end of a match as though they were really competing. The officials and spectators were actual tennis officials and spectators, rather than extras. It is the only time in the history of the tournament that this has been allowed.


Peter Colt: You really are a wanker!
Carl Colt: Harsh… but fair.

Carl Colt: Hundred quid on Cavendish in the quarters.
Bookmaker: So, still bettin’ against your brother, are ya?
Carl Colt: It’s tactical. If he loses, I get rich. And if he wins, I get laid.
Bookmaker: Where the heck did you get a hundred quid anyway?
Carl Colt: [mimics camera click] Photo Journalism.