Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds: Canada vs UK vs Netherlands

Never before in recorded history has the demand for cannabis and best kush strains been so high (pun intended). New strains are increasingly higher in THC and other psychoactive terpenes like limonene and myrcene but CBD dominant strains have been developed for medical purposes as well. The best thing about buying from a quality seed bank is being able to chose the perfect strain for you. Some people need high THC strains with high levels of myrcene to sleep while others may find the psychoactive effects too intense and opt for a mellow CBD heavy strain.

The best seed banks in the world can be found in Canada, The UK, and The Netherlands. Aside from quality seeds, the next most important thing to consider when choosing a vendor is the shipping options.
Canada vs UK vs Netherlands Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds: Shipping Price and Shipping Time

#1 Canada

Some of the best places to buy marijuana seeds in Canada charge by country, some have flat rates (such as Crop King Seeds at $10 for regular, $30 for express in almost all countries and $60 for express in New Zealand and Australia), and some (such as Dr. Seeds) don’t publish shipping rates at all. Many of these companies offer guaranteed delivery and will resend your package if its seized at customs.

#2 The UK

Many UK companies such as I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) offer free shipping and even include free seeds with every order. Attitude seed bank offers discreet packaging with the option to upgrade to “super discreet”. After a 3 day allowance for processing, most UK mainland orders arrive within 1-4 business days and 99% of international orders arrive within 7-15 working days but they can possibly take up to 21. The best place to buy marijuana in the UK is a tie between these two great suppliers!

#3 The Netherlands

With a unique catalog of marijuana strains, Barney’s Farm is the best place to order cannabis seeds in the Netherlands. However they they don’t have any specific shipping costs or times posted and they do not ship to a handful of countries including the US and Canada. Royal Queen Seeds is the next best option. They ship within 3 to 15 business days but unfortunately they do not ship to the US either. Dutch Seeds Shop is a great alternative that ships to the US but their shipping time and price is unspecified.
Any of these companies are great options to find quality weed seeds. Whichever you choose will surely be the best place to buy marijuana seeds in its respective contry. Make sure to check out the regular, feminized, autoflowering, and fast version varieties well! Have fun, be safe and remember, gardening is better with your buds!

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