Ghostwriter: Fiction & Non Fiction (Romance, Wellness, Self Help etc)

Exceptional clients just like you hire me to capture their ideas, stories, and subject-matter expertise to share with the entire world; and would-be authors hire me to make their novels come to life with skillfully crafted scenes and well-rounded characters.

During my Bachelor’s degree, I studied best-selling authors like Richard Bausch & Hemingway. In the year that followed, I have ghostwritten dozens of books in a wide array of topics, styles, and genres.

I specialise in:
– Romance novels that can make your readers swoon and fall in love with characters.
– Crime/Mafia novels that will bring out the detective in the readers!
– Thriller novels that will keep your readers on their toes!
– Horror novels that will send shivers up your readers’ spines…
– Action/Adventure novels that can make readers feel like they can take on the world.

My reward is seeing your story come to life in logically structured prose that grabs your readers’ attention and holds it. My process is 100% turnkey from ideation to upload. I do all of the heavy lifting throughout the project lifecycle.

Rates are pocket friendly, and communication is always open and honest.

I’ve been the voice of heavyweights in their respective spaces as well as regular, everyday people. I can be your voice, too.

Message me today to discuss turning your idea into a published book.