ThePlaylist have posted a really interesting article comparing and exploring the changes between Eleanor Rigby: Him & Her (the original Toronto versions) versus Eleanor Rigby: Them, the version that was screened at Cannes on Saturday.

As you know by now, the origin story of this film is unlikely to be repeated. At TIFF last year, Ned Benson premiered his conceptual feature film debut as a three-hour emotional journey of a break-up split in two parts: ‘Him’ and ‘Her’. Harvey Weinstein acquired the rights, and with no release date in sight, fear from fans (myself included) was that Harvey Scissorhands was going to force Benson into cutting the film down. Seemingly, that’s exactly what happened because a two-hour version, subtitled ‘Them,’ premiered in the Un Certain Regard section of Cannes. In something of a welcoming twist, however, Benson says he wanted this third combined perspective, and all three versions will see a theatrical release this fall. But, for someone who has seen and loved the first (and second?) version(s) at TIFF, this didn’t help to ease my anxiety when I sat down to watch the combined version at Cannes. Read on to find out what the major differences between the two presentations are, and which one we think works better.