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James McAvoy Isn’t Sure If ‘Wanted 2’ Will Ever Happen

Written by Celyn on April 15 2011

“Wanted” fans have been clamoring for a sequel since we first saw Angelina Jolie snatch James McAvoy up for the car ride of his life. However, despite story developments that would make it rather difficult for at least one character to return in a sequel, the film plays pretty fast and loose with the comic book source material — enough so that a sequel could be possible, or at least that’s what “Wanted” writer Mark Millar has been teasing us with for a few years.

In any case, McAvoy can’t escape questions about the possibility, even during interviews for “X-Men: First Class.”

“I don’t know what’s happening,” the Scottish actor told IGN. “I know that the script came out a while back which I don’t think they were happy with in the end.”

“I think the studio is keen to make it, and we really want to make it, but we want to make it if it’s right and when it’s right, and that might not be ever,” he added.

Of course, a big part of it hinges on a character who got knocked off in the first “Wanted” and whether the sequel would make the same beaucoup bucks without that mega-star on board.

Even so, McAvoy doesn’t exactly seem too keen for a sequel.

“It was a good time, and a good movie, but in a way, I’m glad that not everything has to be a franchise,” he said.