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“Children of Dune” 1.01 Screen Captures

Written by Celyn on November 01 2010

Back to 2003 for today’s update, and I have just uploaded captures from the first episode of James’ TV mini-series “Children of Dune”, which he plays Leto Atreides II.

A battle raged for twelve years whilst desert dweller Paul Maud’dib Atreides’s, Freman Jiha travelled the universe destroying the remaining old Imperial armies. Maud’dib’s rule saw planets colonized one by one, though amid the anarchy, the House of Atreides emerged as a superpower of Dune’s planet Arrakis. However, the rule of the government is not wholly universal, there are numerous corrupt adversaries, the greatest being the fallen Baron Harkonnen who strives to regain control of his old empire, Dune, with its mystifying life force and all it symbolizes, to the galactic order. Harkonnen aside, a treacherous threat is about to emerge from within the House of Atreides as the number of clandestine enemies increases. Maud’dib believes that his sole chance of safeguarding his family sovereignty is his newborn twins born of his concubine, Chiani. Soon his son, Leto will be heir to Dune, a most unimaginable power. The son will be responsible for demystifying his father’s legacy, destroying the old regime in order to reinstate peace in the Empire. The definitive war has yet to be waged and will see the Children of Atriedes – the Children of Dune – trapped amid a future so volatile, yet of their family’s very own creation.

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