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Two months with no update!

18 July 2017  

Unexcusable and I am sorry. I have been working 50 hours a week, mostly 5:30am and 6am shifts and when I get home I plop right into bed. However, I will beat this and updates will be coming soon!

James McAvoy to star in Colm McCarthy’s Escape

12 May 2017  

James McAvoy has been making some interesting (and great) choices as of late. The latest? According to Deadline, he will star in Escape, the upcoming drama from Colm McCarthy, aka the man behind the quite brilliant movie of The Girl With All the Gifts. McCarthy is also known for his work on Peaky Blinders, Doctor Who, and Sherlock.

Escape is a Blacklist script written by first-time screenwriter Vanya Asher. It is based on his family’s experiences in Sarajevo leading up to the break-up of Yugoslavia in 1992. McAvoy will star as a professor who decides to stay behind in the warzone that his city has become to continue teaching. Deadline teases “as the massacre escalates, his window of opportunity to join his family is quickly closing and he must fight his way out amidst the turmoil.”

Speaking about why he wanted to do the project, McCarthy said that “Escape is the incredibly moving true story of Vanya’s father and how heroic it can be for a civilian to escape from conflict for the sake of his family. The themes are so powerfully universal – how humour can keep people sane through hardship, how a father’s promise to his son can be the strongest drive of all. I could not be more excited than to have James McAvoy join our team”.

The historical project seems particularly relevant right now as the crisis in Syria continues.

In addition to the recent Split, McAvoy has Atomic Blonde coming out this summer, Wim Wenders’ Subermergence co-starring Alicia Vikander, and potentially two X-Men projects filming this summer. Busy man.

More on Escape as we hear it…


Hello and welcome!

6 May 2017  

Hi everyone, my name is Christy and I am the new owner of James McAvoy Fan! Soon, I will be catching up on the photos and news on James, as well as a new theme coming up in the near future! Stay tuned!

“Split” AFI FEST Screening

16 November 2016  

Last night was the screening of “Split” as part of AFI FEST 2016, and James McAvoy was in attendance to promote the film. 62 high-quality images have been added to the gallery, along with an additional 32 images from the 62nd London Evening Standard Theatre Awards. Remember to follow our Twitter account @jamesmcavoyorg to get all the latest updates!

62nd London Evening Standard Theatre Awards

13 November 2016  

The 62nd London Evening Standard Theatre Awards took place this evening in London, and James McAvoy was in attendance. Nice to see him out and about again! The first few high quality images are up in the gallery.

Second “Split” Trailer

27 October 2016  

Earlier on today, the second trailer for “Split” was released online, and you can watch it in full below. “Split” has McAvoy’s Kevin displaying 23 disparate personalities as identified by his therapist Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley). Among them is an unhinged character who kidnaps and imprisons young women, including Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy) for a mysterious but almost certainly nefarious purpose. As Casey and her fellow captives try to escape, they wonder whether other personalities lurking in Kevin’s mind can help. And Dr. Fletcher worries that he’s becoming something new…

James McAvoy wanted for sci-fi thriller “Extinction”

12 September 2016  

EMPIRE – Though he might be best known in the sci-fi world for his portrayal of the younger Charles Xavier in the current X-Men movies, James McAvoy is looking elsewhere for a role in the genre. He’s in talks to play a man confronting an army bent on Earth’s destruction in Extinction.

According to Deadline, this one has been floating around for a while, attracting a number of writers including Spenser Cohen, Marco Polo’s Brad Caleb Kane, and Lights Out’s Eric Heisserer, who is winning plaudits for scripting new sci-fi drama Arrival.

McAvoy would play a husband and father who is haunted by nightmares in which his wife is attacked, but gets a chance to defend his planet when Earth is invaded. But even as he becomes a hero, he realises that the new arrivals might not be quite what he expected.

There’s no director attached yet, and for now production companies Good Universe and Mandeville Films are keeping this one in development until the right director can be found. But McAvoy’s attachment won’t hurt the process. The actor will show up in Split (due January 20), Wim Wenders’ Submergence and spy thriller The Coldest City, which arrives on August 11 next year.

“X-Men: Apocalypse” Screen Captures

9 September 2016  

The gallery has just been updated with 793 Blu-Ray screen captures of James McAvoy as Charles Xavier/Professor X from the 206 summer blockbuster “X-Men: Apocalypse”.

First Trailer for “Split”

28 July 2016  

The first trailer for James McAvoy’s upcoming film “Split” has just been released online, and you can watch it in full below. “Split”, directed by M. Night Shyamalan, sees McAvoy (taking over a role that Joaquin Phoenix originally circled) playing Kevin, a man whose psychologist (Betty Buckley) has identified 23 individual personalities occupying his brain. But Kevin’s issue is no mere psychological condition: his body chemistry actually changes with each identity. Most of them appear to be harmless, there is one that has recently started to emerge and which dominates the others. This one has malicious, mysterious intent pulsing through him, and Kevin abducts three teenage girls (including The Witch’s Anya Taylor-Joy) for reasons that he won’t immediately reveal.

“The Coldest City” Gets Release Date

10 June 2016  

EW – Charlize Theron and James McAvoy will warm things up next summer in “The Coldest City”. EW has learned Focus Features will release the global action-thriller, which started filming in Europe last November, on August 11, 2017.

Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Antony Johnston and illustrated by Sam Hart, the high-stakes story takes place on the eve of the Berlin Wall’s collapse, when Lorraine Broughton (Theron), a top-level spy for MI6, confronts an espionage ring in Berlin. The station chief, David Percival (McAvoy), is ordered to cooperate with Broughton in order to uncover the truth behind an undercover agent’s mysterious death.

David Leitch, who left John Wick 2 to pursue this project, is directing, based on a script by Kurt Johnstad, who wrote 300 and the upcoming Justice League tie-in film Aquaman.

The Coldest City also stars John Goodman, Sofia Boutella, Til Schweiger, James Faulkner, Eddie Marsan, Roland Møller, Bill Skarsgård, and Toby Jones.

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